Crypto-Collectible Gaming DApp for TRON/TRX and Ethereum!

The first planet collectible strategy game for both TRON & ETH.... buy land, build your Empire and earn $TRX & $ETH!

We've turned the entire planet into a crypto-collectible strategy game - Over 410,000 in TRX Paid out to players so far!

Unique blockchain technology allows you to own any part of the planet - famous landmarks, buildings, sports stadiums... they are all gameable crypto-collectibles now!

Playing PlanetCrypto

Buy Any Where on Earth!

We've tokenized the planet - you can select any 20m2 plot of land and create your very own player card. Nothing in the game is predefined - it's fully open and uses the real world map of our planet!

Plot prices started at just 0.02 $ETH / 150 TRX but increase after every sale... this land price inflation is a key element of the game and makes it vital to join in early!

Build your Empire Score

Empire Score is the key to the game - the higher your score the more you'll earn!

Your Empire Score is based on how much land you hold - you'll receive a base 100 points of Empire Score for every plot of land you purchase.

But.. there is a short-cut to boosting your Empire Score (And also reducing your competitors!)... that is using a Hostile Take-over!

Hostile Take-Overs!

At any time within the game you can take over another players card buy paying twice the last purchase price.... The previous owner loses the Empire Score associated with the card but receives profit as they receive 80% of this purchase!

The card then receives a massive 150% boost in Emprie Score before being awarded to the new owner - who then benefits from this new Emprie Score!

A great strategy to move yourself up the Leaderboard and gain a higher Empire Score - which then awards you a larger ETH/TRX income!

Trading your Cards

Once you've purchase land the player card is yours. It is mined to the Ethereum or TRON Blockchain and owned by you - it will show up in your Crypto Wallet and is yours to do with as you wish! It is a valuable asset in itself!

PlanetCrypto is already associated with one of the largest Crypto-Collectible Exchanges, OpenSea where you can trade and buy PlanetCrypto assets.

Earn real TRX and ETH!

When playing the game you will make real TRX or ETH from holding land!

For every item purchased within the game a large percentage is distirbuted amongst all players as land tax! The higher your EMPIRE SCORE the bigger cut you'll receive of this land tax... so start buying up land now to increase your score and earning!

Over 400,000 TRX has been paid out already! You'll also earn a massive profit if any of your cards get taken over. Join the game now!

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